My name is Erica.  I write and I draw, and I like doing both of these things.  I am a geek, a sometimes-gamer, and I read comic books, although my favorite character (DC’s Oracle) was retconned out of existence.  To this day, I take it personally.

I live with my lovely wife Val, too many DVDs, our dog, and two dragon puppets.  I’m a Philadelphia Eagles fan and I think SCOTLAND, PA is one of the greatest movies no one’s ever heard of.

I tweet here. There’s art here.

Current publication stats:

“Pallbearer” – GAIA’S MISFITS (A FANTASY ANTHOLOGY), Volume 1 [August 2013]

“Jack Magic” – KALEIDOTROPE [Summer 2013]

“Akashiyaki (Octopus dumplings, serves two)” – LADY CHURCHILL’S ROSEBUD WRISTLET, Issue 28 [January 2013]

“Doctor says…”  –  SPACE SQUID GONE WILD [August 2011] (comic)

“In the Seeonee Hills”  –  BEWERE THE NIGHT [April 2011]

“Aunt Eustace”  –  M-BRANE SF, Issue 15 [April 2010]

“Self-Possessed”  –  THE EDGE OF PROPINQUITY, Issue 51 [March 2010]

“Talking to your parents…”  –  KALEIDOTROPE [October 2009] (comic)

“Product Safety”  –  EVERYDAY WEIRDNESS [October 2009]

“Doctor says…”  –  SPACE SQUID [August 2009] (comic)

“In the Seeonee Hills”  –  QUEER WOLF [June 2009]


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