Hollywood’s Wonder Woman

I love Wonder Woman.
I love seeing a groundswell of chatter about Wonder Woman.
I think Gal Gadot is a fine casting choice.

She struck a chord with me in the Fast & Furiouses, and she’s certainly got the chops to pull off the Wonder Woman swagger. I had the “she’s not brawny enough” reaction at first, too.  (For the character’s sake, also out of a desire to see more body shapes represented in visual fiction.)  But criticizing the skinniness of an actress is a type of body shaming, and it isn’t for me to body shame anyone.

Anyway, the dysmorphic Hollywood machine will no doubt sculpt Gadot for the role, as they have done so many times before.

Seeing as I’ve been inundated with it today, it makes me angry when people discuss Gadot’s “sex appeal” or “lack thereof” (I mean come on, it’s Wonder Woman, why is that your priority?) or her “ability to fight” as though we held male actors to the same scrutiny upon a casting announcement.  Irrelevant though it may be, the latter point is more than a little unfounded: Gadot served in the Israeli Defense Forces.  But she’s playing a fictional character, not herself.  Hollywood has its stunt masters to train her for cinematic fighting, just as they do for Cavill and Affleck.  It’s a non-issue.

And now to the meat of sandwich: I don’t see why everyone is so consumed with Wonder Woman’s casting when we don’t even know how large or small a part she’ll have. But I’m pretty sure that, to whatever extent, Wonder Woman will be used as a second-billing/cameo/romantic pursuit in this next Snyder slugfest.

Wonder Woman has never had her own movie.  The “Big Three” and the “Trinity” are misnomers when applied to cinema.  She’s never even appeared a live action feature.

And as for her debut on the big screen … well, we’ll just have to wait and see.

I hope one day she’ll get her own summer blockbuster.  I pray to god Zack Snyder has nothing to do with it, nor with any female-led script ever again.  I have no faith in Snyder’s ability, let alone to spearhead DC’s biggest onscreen team-up.  He’s just not … good. His scripts are clumsy, and he relies too heavily on cold palettes and gimmicky camerawork.

The final kicker here? If Snyder wanted so damn bad to have a superhero snap necks to get shit done, instead of ruining Superman’s no-kill integrity all he had to do was wait a movie. That was Wonder Woman’s play, in the comics … to save Superman’s fool life.