New story out

I’m pleased to announce my story “Pallbearer” is included in Gaia’s Misfits (A Fantasy Anthology) Volume 1, available now.  It’s about a funeral-crashing exiled knight, and might take the cake for bleakest story in this adventure anthology.


State of the Hildey: midyear edition

Poor neglected blog. Meanwhile, things have happened.

First up, my story “Jack Magic” was published in the summer issue of Kaleidotrope.  It’s about spiky-haired sea pirates and magic cats and crazy quests.

I’m a couple weeks back from The Never-Ending Odyssey, an 8-day alumni workshop for graduates of the Odyssey Writing Workshop.  It was a fantastic, incomparable experience, as always. Old friends. New friends. At least one crazy caper. I’ve come away with a supercharged novel critique group, some great fixes for the opening chapters of the novel, and a game plan for what I thought was an unfixable short story.

Speaking of the novel rewrite, we’re chugging right along through the beginning of Act 2. Progress!  As I look ahead to the chapters to come, I’m astonished at the difference between those and the freshly revised ones in my wake.  More than anything, the biggest changes have been to vary and enrich the homogenous, minimalist worldbuilding of the previous draft.  The feedback tells me it’s working.  Biggest obstacle with this is to keep it from hijacking the plot, but so far, it seems to be helping. But we are our own worst judges.

So, fingers crossed, but things are good.

Since the last time I was on here was to provide a golf-clap for Man of Steel, I thought I’d mention I found the best movie of the summer, possibly ever: PACIFIC RIM!  No reviews, as the internet already has those aplenty. It isn’t perfect, but I’m so desperately in love with it. I grew up starry-eyed on robot lions and zords and Gundam suits, so it was the mecha aspect, more than the kaiju, that drew me to the movie. I can’t keep going. I’ll start gushing. I hope you saw it.

And if you’re a comics fan, you should be reading LAZARUS by Greg Rucka, who has reunited with Gotham Central artist Michael Lark for a sci fi near-future thriller about genetic enhancements and wealth-based economic oligarchy.  Give me this and give me SAGA, and I’ll never go hungry for a good comic.

Fall is right around the corner.  Apple cider. Seasonally appropriate stout. Crisp air. Hoodies. Football. And pumpkin-flavored EVERYTHING.

Still, I will be sad to see summer go.  I haven’t even had a chance to eat Maryland crabs yet. Better get on that.