Heroclix figures: Birds of Prey!

I used to be a loyal DC Comics fan until they fucked it all up with their “New 52” and hand-carved out everything I loved from the DCU.  Worst of all was when they retconned my favorite character, Barbara Gordon as Oracle, making her walk again and basically depowering her and putting her back in the Batgirl role, I’m assuming because a bunch of old white guys wanted “the original” Batgirl back in action.  As Oracle, information broker, world-class hacker, dispatcher of the world’s heroes, mentor to her Batgirl successors, and founder and ops director of the preeminent Birds of Prey team, she was one of the world’s most powerful characters, with brains and ambition to rival Batman’s.  She was also one of the few disabled characters in comics, using a wheelchair after the Joker shot her in the spine.

I have an article on my old blog that I wrote at the time of DC’s reboot that fleshed out my objections a little better.  I’m going to republish that article here tomorrow. I hope you’ll read it, and the links to articles more cogent than anything I could have written.  I’m still sore about the whole mess.

Anyway, that’s a pretty long preamble to say LOOK WHAT I FOUND AT MY COMIC SHOP:


Birds of Prey Heroclix! The core team: Oracle, Black Canary, Lady Blackhawk, and Huntress.  (And latecomers Hawk and Dove, but nevermind them.)

This kind of goes against my nature. I don’t play Heroclix, I don’t collect toys, and I generally don’t just buy stuff unless I’m going to use it for something. But it’s nice to have a tangible reminder of a pretty awesome superhero team that, for my money, is still one of the best to ever exist. Even if we won’t ever get more stories from them.

And I’m always glad to support my comic shop, Planet X Comics and Collectibles.

Now if you’ll excuse me, my tiny team of heroes are ready to save the day.



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