Bylines, etc.

Since I’m updating the blog, here’s a couple of things.

First, my story “Akashiyaki (Octopus dumplings, serves two)” was published in the January issue of LCRW, found here.  It’s a buddy story about an octopus who escapes a restaurant tank for a night out on the town, and the restaurant worker who follows him.

And second, I’m a guest blogger at the Potomac Review today.  My guest post is here.  Its alternate title is “In Defense of Jan Brady.” (Not really, but, y’know.)


About hildebabble
I write. I draw. I get way too invested in superheroes.

2 Responses to Bylines, etc.

  1. I loved “Akashiyaki”. The bumblebee was priceless. I may have teared up a little, but I’ll never admit it in public.

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